Boke Constant Current Independent Dimmable Driver DDL Series DALI-2+Push

Model: BK-DEL


Product Details

- Support DALI-2+pushDIM dimming mode

- Loop-in and loop-out wiring without junction box

- 16-level current output can be realized by DIP-switch

- Soft dimming and flicker-free at any brightness , meets the new requirements of ErP certification

- Using HPC patented technology , at any dimming level , the current output between drivers is the same

- Dimming range 1~100% , output current accuracy 1%

- Suitable for emergency lighting acc. to EN 50172

- Standby power input <0.5W , meets the requirements of ErP certification

- High PF , high efficiency , low THD

- SELV and Class ‚Ö° design , suitable for use outside of the light

- Passed ENEC-TUV , CE , RCM , CCC , DALI-2 and other certifications

- IP20 protection grade , indoor use

- Nominal life-time up to 100,000h

- 5-year guarantee





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