Osram EM LED Driver 30W Flicker Free

Model: EM 30/220-240/700 I

Constant Current LED Power Supply 700mA


Element LED Power Supply fits in light fixtures for office, shop lighting or other indoor applications that require high quality of light



Product Features

Output currents: 700mA
35’000 h lifetime at tc max = 75 °C
Output voltage: 27VDC – 42VDC
Fixed Output (i.e. no dimming)
Output power: 18.9W – 29.4W
Typ. Efficiency: 89%
Input voltage : 220 – 240 VAC
Suitable for class II luminaires
Ambient temp range, ta: -20°C to +40°C










High compatibility with COBs and discrete LEDs;
High quality of light with ripple current < 5%
Safe and reliable
Safety ensured by OSRAM (SELV)


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