Sky Led Panel Light features a slim, flat design and 100% non-yellowing PMMA light guide. Sunsylux lighting uses a sidelit LED panel light with advanced SMD LED technology and a high color rendering index of 80+ to make everything in the space more natural. The sky led panel light is visually attractive for the commercial building, interior offices, and the big shopping mall.

You can customize different sizes, such as led panel light 1200x300mm, led panel light 595x595mm, led panel light 300x300mm, etc. The maximum size of one panel can be made into 2.4m x 1.2m, and you can make numerous panels spliced into different patterns you need.

Sunsylux LED panel light has excellent heat dissipation performance, long service life, and perfectly reduces maintenance.
Sunsylux will give you the satisfaction of healthy LED panel light, energy saving LED panel light, intelligent LED panel light, etc.