Choose the Right Ceiling Panel Light for Your Application

Choose the Right Ceiling Panel Light for Your Application

21 Nov, 2022

LED panel lights are the most common lighting option for interior spaces, offering many advantages that help improve our living standards. Home panel lights and office LED panel lights can fully replace commonly used fluorescent ceiling lights, providing a more efficient and safer option.

Proper selection and installation of lighting systems are critical to the operation and ambiance of a space, providing adequate, even lighting and making the space more attractive.

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How To Choose The Right LED Panel Lights for Ceiling


Based on numerous advantages and features, LED panel lights are an excellent choice worth investing in. Choosing the right ceiling LED panel light should take the following aspects into consideration.


Consider the Space You Use


LED panel lights have a wide range of applications, and they can be used anywhere, including homes, offices, schools, hospitals, and more. There are differences in the panel light requirements for each scenario.


Types of Panel Lights


Not all LED panel lights can be installed in the same way. Different LED panel types are suitable for different applications. The three most common mounting methods are suspending LED panel light, surface mounted LED panel light, and recessed LED panel light.

Determining the specific application is important to help select the appropriate type to meet functional requirements. For example, panels designed for offices and meeting rooms may not provide the desired results for an auditorium or hospital.


Watts and Lumens


As LED lights produce more light with less energy, they release more lumens per watt. There are different recommendations depending on the type of space, such as 100lm/w LED panel, 150lm/w LED panel, 160lm/w LED panel, etc. Consultation with a professional is recommended to help you make a decision.


Color Temperature


LED color temperature can play an important role in any space, having a direct impact on the human brain, and changing the ambiance and overall feel.

Different functions and operations require panel lights with different color temperatures. You need to choose a 3000K LED panel, 4000K LED panel also 6000K LED panel from your actual.




LED lights increase efficiency and provide higher output with less energy consumption, which means more light from fewer lighting panels.

This is especially effective when targeting lighting panel systems for large spaces such as universities, corridors, and large commercial projects.


Emergency LED Panel Light


When planning a lighting system for a space, assigning emergency lights in case of a sudden power outage is essential. Emergency LED panel lights should be placed in strategic locations such as escape routes. Emergency lights typically consume less power and are a requirement in building codes.


Personal Choice


Panel light types can be divided into square LED panel lights, round panels, Edge-lit LED panels, back-lit LED panels, RGB LED panel lights, etc. Personal preference as well as aesthetics can greatly influence the choice of LED panel light.


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LED Ceiling Panel Light Manufacturer


No matter what kind of panel light you are interested in, the most important thing is that you should choose a reliable LED panel light supplier and buy a quality light that will guarantee safe, smooth, and efficient performance.

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