How Much Do You Know About LED Panels?

How Much Do You Know About LED Panels?

15 Sep, 2022


In recent years, LED panel lights have gradually moved towards various indoor lighting places such as shopping malls, office areas, and schools.

The design of LED panel lights is beautiful and simple, and the atmosphere is luxurious. It not only has a good lighting effect, but also brings a sense of beauty, and has become the choice of more and more people.



What Are LED Panel Lights?

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Transparent Double-sides Light Up/Down LED Panel


The outer frame of the LED panel light is made of anodized aluminum alloy, and the light source is LED, which is one of the best choices for indoor lighting purposes.

The outer frame of the LED panel light is one of the most important components and is designed to prevent light leakage. The LED panel light forms a uniform plane luminous effect after passing through the light guide plate with high light transmittance, with good uniformity of illumination and soft light, which can effectively relieve eye fatigue.

LED panel lights are widely used in offices, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, homes, and other places because of their characteristics of good illumination uniformity, higher CRI, uniform and soft light, and comfort, becoming one of the best products in the LED era.



What Are the Components of LED Panel Lights?




The LED panel light frame mainly plays the role of heat dissipation, generally made of aluminum profiles, with a simple and elegant appearance, good surface texture, and overall beautiful appearance.


Drive Power Supply


LED lights have two driving power modes, one is constant current power supply, which is cost-effective. The other is a constant voltage and constant current power supply, which has stable performance but has low efficiency and high cost.


Light Guide Plate


LED light guide plate is the key point of quality control of LED panel light. The function of the light guide plate is to change the trajectory of the light to make it evenly arranged.


Diffuser Plate


The light of the light guide plate is evenly exported to make the light more uniform, and it can also block sundries and blur the dots.


Reflective Film


The reflective paper makes the light of the light guide plate out from the front and reflects the residual light on the back of the light guide plate to improve the light efficiency.


Bottom Plate


The main function of the bottom plate is to seal the LED panel light, assist heat dissipation and block the intrusion of foreign objects.


Install Pendant


Suspension wires, mounting brackets, etc. are used for mounting and fixing accessories.


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IP65 LED Panel Light 600x600




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Using energy saving LED panel lights allows for a brighter environment, helping you save energy and reduce electricity maintenance costs.

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