10 Salient Advantages of LED Panel Lighting

10 Salient Advantages of LED Panel Lighting

15 Sep, 2022


With the development of the lighting industry, the usage of LED panel lighting is gradually expanding. The LED panel light uses ultra-high brightness LED as the light source, which can directly replace the original ordinary fluorescent lamp, and its brightness is higher, which is suitable for indoor lightings such as in shopping malls, hotels, and schools.


Energy Saving LED Panel Light


LED panel lights offer more lumens per watt and are more economical in space. This is one of the many reasons why LED panel lighting is growing in popularity. Unlike individual bulbs, panel lights use combinations of LEDs to create an evenly distributed light source.


LED panel lighting technology is also a green lighting technology. LED panel lights have low power consumption and no mercury, and there is almost no pollution in the manufacturing process, which plays an important role in the sustainable development of the economy and society.

recessed LED panel light


Intelligent CCT Tunable White LED Panel


Main Features of LED Panel Lights


Fortunately, implementing LED lighting is a leading solution that can improve lighting conditions and office environments with enormous benefits.


1. Energy Saving


Energy-saving LED panel lights save more than 70% more energy than traditional energy sources. The low consumption of LED panel lights means they are an environmentally friendly technology.


2. Eco-friendly


It has no ultraviolet or infrared light in its spectrum, and no radiation. LED panel lights do not contain mercury, and this type of light causes minimal pollution throughout the manufacturing process.


3. High Brightness


LED panels made of aluminum and photoconductive plates are the first choice. One of the major advantages of LED panel light is that it adopts a reflective panel with uniform light and a sealed design, and cooperates with a high-efficiency light guide plate to make the light-emitting effect uniform and the illumination higher.


4. Premium Lighting


The uniform distribution of light, excellent luminous quality, brightness, and color create a bright and comfortable environment for you.


5. Dimming and Changing Color


Most LED panel lights offer the option to adjust the brightness, which means harsh, unpleasant light can be avoided. It also offers color variations from yellow to white, allowing customers to always find the color temperature that suits them best.


suspending LED panel light


6. Long Life Span


Compared to other less efficient light bulbs, LEDs have a longer lifespan. With ideal drive and dissipation, LED light panels have an estimated lifespan of 100,000 hours, so there will be less maintenance and worry. In addition to saving money, installing LED light panels can extend the life of your LED bulbs.


7. Flexible in Design


LED panel lights can be designed with light sources of various shapes and particles according to customer requirements. Ultra-thin, lightweight, easy to install, and space-saving are the characteristics of the face lamp. It can be made into any graphic shape and any color, and can even be designed with color-changing effects as desired.


8. Good Heat Dissipation


The LED panel light has a light and thin appearance, complete heat dissipation function, low power, and less heat. With proper heat dissipation, the heat will hardly be noticed by the person indoors.


9. Excellent Shock Resistance


LED light source is a high-hardness resin luminous body instead of tungsten glass, which is not easy to damage, so its anti-vibration force is relatively high, and its environmental temperature adaptability is strong. Additionally, this design helps control temperature issues.


10. Various Styles


Different styles such as ultra flat LED panel, recessed LED panel light, ceiling panel light, suspending LED panel light, and round ceiling LED panel downlight is available for you to choose from. LED panel lighting can be fixed in one place or used for pendant lights or other mounting options.


If you are looking for a reliable line of energy-efficient products to represent or distribute, especially LED panel lights, you are welcome to contact us, Sunsylux may be your ideal LED panel light supplier.

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